"C’mere, you”


You must feel horrible, you've lost everything.
Your father,
Your tribe,
Your best friend.

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First gifs I ever made, hope you like them! 

Sorry if they’re not perfect but I still have to figure out how this exactly works… 

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The adorable kiss finally in glorious HD.

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(Sorry for the bad quality)

These are the 4 different covers I have seen and they have all been from the official Facebook page

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make me choose

anonymous asked: hiccup’s eyes or astrid’s eyes

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 comes to Blu-ray + DVD November 11, 2014!

Pre-order links for Amazon: DVD + Blu-Ray

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Headcanon that Astrid has a sweet tooth

and that eventually, she gets really good at making desserts.

Because she’s a girl with determination, and determination can get you anywhere

To the point where the whole village looks forward to her honeyed cakes every Snoggletog

And Chief Hiccup is forced to sample one from every batch she makes

The poor fishbone gets a tummyache every time ^_^

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ohsnapitssophia asked: Hiccup/Astrid. 12. (On the hand)



I don’t know why, but I never drew those two O.o

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every hiccstrid kiss (minus the one at the end of httyd2)

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Hiccstrid sharing melksherklkajsklfjg——- wip OTL

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We finally got a summary!!!


Fans will get even more excitement, adventure and, of course, more dragons when DreamWorks Animation releases DRAGONS: DAWN OF THE DRAGON RACERS, an all-new animated adventure featuring the original voice cast. A hunt for lost sheep soon turns into a high-flying sprint in the all-new epic adventure as Hiccup and friends battle to become the first Dragon Racing Champion of Berk!image

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