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<3 I love these two. 

Wish I hadn’t been so busy, wanted this out sooner! Oh well.




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Uh oh, really getting into that hiccstrid mood~


Uh oh, really getting into that hiccstrid mood~

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Why do you have to hurt me so?

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Sad shitty comics about it - 4/6

Headcanon that Stoick was away when Valka gave birth to Hiccup at seven months. Stoick probably swam and sailed the savage seas (badum tsssss) to get back to Berk and see his son. I think in the movie Valka implied that Hiccup “came early into this world” and I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

Sorry this one’s a bit sloppy. Anyway, I’ve decided with just six sad shitty comics so I can move on to maybe happier shitty comics. There have been a number of happy requests and I’ll be sure to get to them after I get all the angsty ones out. Don’t forget to be a dear tag your spoilers! XO.

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There’s just a few frames in the second gif where hiccup looks so nervous. i mean he’s just about to confront this menacing guy who could easily kill him and all he has is his words and you can see that he’s covering it up and putting on a brave face but he’s secretly scared as hell. He takes a deep breath, puts his fear behind him and gets down to business and its just wow animation.

Thank you kindly! I’m the animator who animated this moment. You hit the nail right on the head! This is Hiccup’s first time meeting Drago. In his attempt to change this “madman’s” mind, it was important to see both courage and caution in his face, as the situation was both terrifying and unpredictable (considering what’s already happened)…

Really? I was told by Simon Otto that the animators at Dreamworks were always animating the same characters to get the feeling /movement for their characters right. Or doesn’t that apply to the main characters?
Well anyway, beautiful scene! :)

You are correct! The great Simon Otto would cast us animators specific to characters they were most familiar with. I was cast mainly on Hiccup/Toothless (which is a nice role to be stuck in on this franchise), and knowing that I personally adore these characters made the experience all the more enjoyable. Simon is, and always will be, the guiding light for Toothless and all animation (for the feature films and shorts, only).

Not sure how many people are aware… but both Simon Otto and Chris Sanders created the character back in 2008 when the original “Toothless” was to be replaced with a more threatening and mysterious dragon - due in large to raising the stakes for the “film” compared to the lovable short books the films were inspired by. We still preserved the original “Toothless” in the franchise as he became known as the “Terrible Terror”. :-D

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More art for How to Train Your Dragon 2! This time: Hiccup’s Dragon Blade.
The Dragon Blade was Hiccup’s way to control fire and another one of his tools to communicate with dragons.

“One end coats the blade in Monstrous Nightmare saliva, the other sprays Hideous Zippleback gas. All it takes is a spark and…”
-Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

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"It’s time."


I just felt I wanted to try and write a fanfic. Really. This is actually my very first so I get it if it’s not that good and all. But yeah… Have my first fanficshort and short Hiccstridfic and all that jazz. 
Be gentle with me please. <3

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HTTYD gif request - for anon
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"Is it always going to be this way?!"

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I just love this pairing so much! ❤️❤️

This is also a thank you for reaching 51 followers! I love all of you so much XD


Full image

I just love this pairing so much! ❤️❤️

This is also a thank you for reaching 51 followers! I love all of you so much XD
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The contrast between their behaviour towards each other from the first hour of httyd, to httyd 2 is quite amusing. And also “son of a half troll, rat eating, munge-bucket” is my new favourite insult.

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